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The Mint Julep


Years ago my old friend K. Cooper asked me to write a mint julep recipe for a party he was having. Below is that recipe.

So whip up a drink(K. doesn’t like the word cocktail!?) and have a toast to Spring

The Mint Julep

“You need at least two big bunches of fresh mint. Put 1-2 cups of bourbon — I only use Maker’s Mark — in a pitcher with a 1/2 bunch of mint for about 12-24hrs. You can also add the mint straight to the bottle of bourbon if you think you will drink all of it. Make a simple syrup by boiling 2 cups of sugar into 2 cups of water and add a 1/2 bunch of mint as the syrup cools.
So that’s your prep.

Now fill your julep cup – sterling of course — to the top with crushed ice. Add 1 –2 jiggers (the big side if 2 sided) of bourbon and 1-2 jiggers of syrup. Fill the rest of the way with good, cold water and a little bit of torn mint. Toss this mixture back and forth a couple of times ending in your julep cup. Add a pretty sprig of mint and enjoy! (Responsibly, of course)Juleps are best made one at a time, that’s why I use the julep cups to mix instead of a shaker plus nothing gets as cold as a silver cup. I guess jiggers are a universal size, but I put 1-2 because some people like more bourbon than syrup and vice versa. So there you have it! I hope this gets you to julep nirvana. It is THE best cocktail you know, oops, I mean drink.”